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Harshman, Wannemacher, Tipton & Lipperman

In October of 1996, Hunter, Carnahan & Shoub was formed to focus on the legal needs of labor organizations. These original partners, Michael Hunter, Russ Carnahan, and Grant Shoub, had prior experience in representing unions and their members in a variety of capacities and this new firm allowed an even greater focus on working people and their labor unions.

Soon after, Robert Byard became a partner in the firm after working for several years as an associate attorney. In 2011, Kate Harshman joined this now long list of names as partner in Hunter, Carnahan, Shoub, Byard & Harshman after working first as a law clerk and then an associate for the firm since 2004.

Thereafter, Jaci Tipton was hired as an associate in 2014, Nicole Wannemacher in 2016, and Lathan Lipperman in 2018. The firm remained dedicated to union-side labor law: negotiating collective bargaining agreements, advocating in the grievance process including arbitrations, and advising on internal union governance issues.

By 2020, the original partners had all retired (and deservedly so). The firm was renamed Harshman & Wannemacher. And finally, in 2023 the current partnership was created: Harshman, Wannemacher, Tipton & Lipperman.

We are not your typical lawyers. This firm does not keep “banker’s hours,” because the men and women we work for do not. They work holidays, third shift, and weekends, which means we often do too. And that’s how it should be.

This is “heart” work—work we believe in. Representing Labor requires our firm to swiftly adapt, think creatively, communicate effectively with workers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and be ready to act at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, we must approach our clients with empathy and understanding, recognizing the challenges and demands they face in their work.

Many of our clients have been with us since the very beginning—our relationships now spanning decades. The trust they place in us is invaluable, making it possible to help the helper. We could not be more grateful.

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